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ORW Estimates and Repairs

We understand that when you're under contract, quick turnaround with estimates and repairs is non-negotiable. We know the process and can work within your deadlines. With lockbox access and flexible scheduling, we can get things done so you can prove to your client you know how to get things taken care! We'll help you get your deal closed on time!

General Maintenance, Property Services

Toilet running, or backed up sewer line? Disposal leaking? Ceiling fan making a weird noise? House dirty? You can depend on us to resolve your general maintenance and service call needs. For example: plumbing repairs (major and minor), electrical (fixtures, switches, system upgrades, etc), paint, stucco, landscaping (cleanups, pruning, tree removal, xeriscape), fencing, masonry, roofing (patches and replacements), remediation, water mitigation, make-readies, rekeys and locksmith service, preventive and seasonal maintenance. Cooler conversions, HVAC diagnostics and repairs. Plus much more...


Do you need a tenant Exit Inspection or a Pre-Listing Inspection? We provide a thorough inspection, interior and exterior, to note general property condition and defects. We provide a written report along with 200-400 photos, depending on property condition and square footage. Written, itemized estimates an also be provided upon request. 

After-Hours Services

Subscribe for our after-hours availability for emergencies! We do not route calls through a call center, we have live staff manning a local number 24 hours per day. Let us take the weight off of your shoulders and handle the 2am flood calls! Our experience and availability is unique in the industry, we can help you. Pricing varies, call or email for details. 

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